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Best-selling lace material

Flower lace - European classical ornate hollow European totem flower - about 10.5 cm long - single flower

Flower Lace - French Romantic Wedding Blue Pollen Heart Flower - Length about 6 cm - Single

Three A flower laces - sweet and lovely Japanese pink heart green grass flower - about 1.5 cm long - single flower

Cotton lace - European classical hollow totem lace - about 4.5 cm wide

Left and right flower lace - French romantic natural pastoral wind flower flower - about 18 cm long - a pair

Lace cloth corsage collar piece - sweet and lovely Japanese bow flower brooch collar piece - inner circumference 22.5 cm - peripheral 37.5 cm - single piece

Left and right flower lace - French romantic natural maple leaf flower - about 8 cm long - a pair

Lace brooch collar piece - European classical ornate European totem roll chest flower collar piece - inner circumference 51.5 cm - peripheral 64 cm - pair

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