Net lace lace barcode - French romantic wedding geometric trim - about 2.5 cm
Net lace lace barcode - French romantic wedding geometric trim - about 2.5 cm

DIY lace hand made material

Clothing piping, hair accessories, home accessories, veil, scarf shawls, curtains, bouquets / dry bouquets, small items

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[Minglin Lace-Little Tianma] Net Lace Tribe Barcode - French Romantic Wedding Geometric Flange - about 2.5 cm

[Detail] mesh lace (inelastic)

[Size] about 2.5cm wide (single size)

[Color] white (white / white) (If you need other colors to be dyed, please feel free to ask)

[Made In Taiwan] Origin: Taiwan

[Washing method] Dry cleaning or hand washing

Width 2.5 cm

[Small reminder] Product photos are taken in kind. Due to the difference of each display, there may be a problem of color difference. Please refer to the actual color. We can't return the goods due to color difference, please forgive me and cooperate, thank you!

[shipment time] after receiving the order7Shipped within days (excluding holidays). If you need it urgently, please call customer service first and then place an order, thank you!


Width 2.5Cm(single size)
Stylestyle French romance, wedding
PatternPattern Geometry
AspectMaterial Bright nylon
Colorcolour White (white / beige)
Country of originPlace of origin  Taiwan

<Unit conversion: 1 foot = 30 cm, 1 yard = 90 cm>

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