More than 50 years of craftsmanship, a cross-century lace kingdom

The period of the Republic of China

The founder of Minglin Lace, Mr. Lin Maosong, is the eldest son of the family. Since childhood, he has been selling numbness with his grandfather and doing things seriously and diligently. At the age of 18, under the recommendation of his father, he went to a lingerie wholesale company called "Dashan" to do business work. After eight years of foreign affairs, he decided to start a business, so he rented a room on Hai'an Road in Tainan. About 5 pings of store size, and the younger brothers and sisters try to do some small business.

Founder Lin Maosong and his wife Lin Chenli married with their neighbors and friends

50 years of the Republic of China - entrepreneurship

The early funds were not abundant. However, Lin Maosong adhered to the concept of “integrity management” and gained the trust of customers. He stood firm in the apparel accessories industry and finally bought the first house in his life in 1959. Established the "Mingchang Lace Button Company", which is run by its wife and younger sisters. The integrity of the service, together with a wide range of clothing accessories, has attracted a large number of customers to come to buy, every day the store is full of guests. From opening a store to fighting, there are endless stream of purchasing people.

Mr. Lin Maosong (second from right) and his father (second from left), second brother (left) and third brother (right)
The sons and daughters of the founder, Mr. Lin Maosong, took a group photo in front of Minsheng Road Store.

60 years of the Republic of China - facing the transition period of the industrial crisis

Unexpectedly, five or six years after the establishment of the company, the craze for apparel accessories is gradually declining. The first thing that bears the brunt of the production is that a large number of button accessories have been hoarded into mountains because of slow sales. The profits are far from expected, and they face huge challenges and impacts! Lin Maosong knows that transformation is imperative. With many years of experience in clothing, he believes that Lace has considerable potential for future development, so he resolutely changed "Lace" into the main product, and established "Minglin" in 1964. Co., Ltd. (Minglin Lace) has devoted its life to the industry and development of embroidered lace.

Mrs. Lin Chenli, Sanguan Road, and the photo of Lin Maosong and Yao Changchang at the Renci Street factory

The 70th year of the Republic of China - the prosperous period of prosperity

The transformation of Minglin Lace has been very successful. There are more than two or three hundred large customers in Taiwan. There are tens of thousands of lace types and patterns, and they look like they are piled up like a hill. Anything you want Lace style, Minglin has! Minglin Lace is well-known in Taiwan for its "Tianma Brand". It is even called "Lace Kingdom" by the industry. It is the largest lace supplier. "At that time, in the ready-to-wear industry, as long as you talked about lace, everyone would think of Minglin. The second generation Lin Yinxue manager recalled the grand occasion at that time.

Minglin Lace is meticulous in workmanship, rich in variety and style, and is very popular among customers.

The second generation inheritance, to create "the only lace concept hall in Taiwan", the establishment of the brand to enter Lin Department Store

After being taken over by the second generation, Lin Shuzhen and Lin Yinxue, in addition to their father’s integrity, also hope to develop the layout of the lace more diversified. In the face of low-cost competition in China, the Korean lace industry has local Under the circumstances of the government's strong support, Taiwan's lace industry is facing considerable challenges. They clearly know that although it is a dilemma, it is also a turning point. "We must have the courage to walk out of our own brand!"

After three years of careful preparation and planning, the company finally established the "Mosa Rosa" and "Little Tianma" brands in 2014, and chose to open a brand counter in the most beautiful Lin Department Store in Tainan, starting from the Tainan-Lace Kingdom in Taiwan. Minglin Lace opens a beautiful new page of history!

Figure: Passing the happiness of hand-made lace, the romantic Minglin Lace Small Tianma Concept Hall (this photo was provided by the bloggers)
Photo: Beautiful Lin Department Store at night
Picture: Tainan Fucheng Phoenix Flower Lace Handkerchief launched in 2015 (Photo courtesy of blogger Abby)
Picture: Handmade Little Princess Lace Dress

Adhere to MIT Taiwan manufacturing, high quality and meticulous workmanship

Inheriting traditional techniques and high-quality embroidery technology, adhering to MIT Taiwan manufacturing, is a major feature of Minglin Lace! The meticulous texture is the first choice of European and American countries. Many French brands import Taiwanese lace and then process it, which is also affirming the high quality of Taiwanese lace!

"After more than a decade ago, many of our mid-stream and downstream customers set up factories in China to purchase local lace processing in order to save costs, but very quickly, customers found that there are many problems in quality, such as easy color loss, odor, etc. Wait, the resulting products are not good, so in the past few years, I started looking back for us to buy lace. Because most of Taiwan's lace machines are imported from Japan and Germany, plus no needles, no color, good technology, materials. Well, customers in Europe and America like our exquisiteness most!" Manager Lin Yinxue said with confidence.

Inviting designers to cooperate to inspire lace creation and inspiration

From the original production and production, to the new field of design and development, for the two sisters Lin Shuzhen and Lin Yinxue, it is like a deep lace journey!

They invited designers to propose cooperation, from wedding studios, fashion designers, hand-made people, and even flower stylists, all of which are good partners of Minglin cooperation!

Image from
Gemstone red lace tailored for wedding dress companies

Continue the centuries-old craftsmanship and walk into the life of lace new aesthetics

The two sisters Lin Family, who grew up in the lace pile, have an indescribable gratitude and care for Lace. During the period of preparing for the brand, the two used it for nearly three years to hold lectures and open lectures throughout Taiwan. Lace courses, participation in exhibitions, and industry-university cooperation with colleges and universities design department, let lace more widely used in life, but also found that the beauty of lace is so charming, can be beautiful, but also bring life Heal the people!

Elegant, healing happiness, passing the full word of love

Since the Middle Ages, Lace has always let women love it. In addition to inheriting elegance, romance, nobleness, dreams and sweet temperament, Minglin also hopes to convey warmth through hand-made lace, and let people feel full of love and happiness. Working with many designers at home and abroad, bringing the beauty of lace into every piece of work, whether it is becoming a subject or an accessory, it is so addictive!

In Minglin, look for the beauty of lace that belongs to you.

The beautiful brides are especially coming to the Linlin counters of Lin Department Store, custom-made bridal bags with romantic wedding dresses, beautiful moms with cute babies, happy to buy newborn hair bands, and intimate daughters. I bought the elegant lace hat that my mother fell in love with as a birthday present...

Miss Park, who loves lace, said that she always wanted to find a lace cloth with thickness and elasticity, but she couldn’t find it for a long time. She didn’t expect to come to Minglin for the first time, she found the lace fabric she dreamed of. Make her happy!

Always a classic of immortality, the representative of eternal romance, as long as you come to Minglin, we believe that you can also find the beauty of lace in your own mind!